ashes 2 (2)

The weight of a moment
An essence of man
Surreal, the symbol
Now held within the palm of my hand
Life is fragile and precious
Cannot keep track of all its grains
They slip through fingers
Whisper through my veins

One minute you were here
My mind always saw you there
My eyes say you’re gone
But my heart sees you everywhere

Ashes released into the elements
Flecks of bone blow into my hair
Bittersweet the celebration
Your confetti is now everywhere

Never Lost

In Memory (for my father)….. WP_20151206_026

As reality wipes away your physical face
Memories flash
Burning snapshots
Reinforced grooves of you
Have permanently left their trace
And your melody
Echoes within time and space
My heart will always find you
But you were never lost in the first place


drift (3)



I died today
Left everything behind
Idle objects
Thoughts on time
Walls thinned
A Ghosting of
my reality veil
blowing away with the wind
Ignored dreams
shout out intriguing tales
Truth steps forth from its disguise
without fear of being ostracized
Wide awake drifting away on their lullabies
I sail out
I have never felt so alive!


ringsIf I were to cut my bone
Would I be able to read it like a tree
Each line a story
A mark of my history?
I stood tall and firm
Striving to be a selfless canopy
My eyes wide open
What will be is what will be
I kept my feet planted
On solid ground
An amazing feat in of itself
For I constantly moved around
Life is a blink
Compared to that of a tree
Rings upon rings
exist full and fruitful
Interwoven solidity


WP_20151104_003 (2)The dust has settled
No time to lay and decay
The sun still rises moving overhead
Each night brings about the birth of a new day
I’ve dried my eyes
At the passing of my yesterday
Forever is unattainable
Time bends and moves onward
claiming new names
Making their own way
Life continually evolves
My solid body will eventually dissolve
These Earthly constructs will fade away


There is a history
That cannot be denied
Infinite threads woven
Imprints ticked in time
Reaching out and in
Part of my skin
Melded into my bone
Dancing within my blood
They speak to my soul
Bravely take hold
The life lead was fought for
I live not alone
For this leg of the relay
The baton I take hold
My feet on the earth
Its foundation strengthened with time
Running this race
In honor of ghosts
Who lived their lives
So I may live mine

Music On My Mind 10/18/15: GAPS & Prefuse 73

Around this time of year, for me the evening sky seems to open up and stars beckon and twinkle and I feel my inner space child drifting along for the ride. It may be easy feeling a little small and alone in the world but with so much room for possibility, how can one not shine forth?

folderGAPS-She Bears a Flower (from: In, Around The Moments)

Hauntingly beautiful and kind of sad, this song is a bit like a nursery rhyme or a lullaby. How is it even in between the melancholy bits one can find traces of optimism? Seems to be how my mind works. This girl being spoke of in this song, whoever she is still bears the flower and that in of itself is beautiful. (Plus the video is gorgeous!)

folderPrefuse 73-Infrared feat. Sam Dew (from: Rivington Nao Rio)

Infrared light cannot be seen with the naked eye (unless you use special tools) and yet is felt everyday (as heat, thanks to the sun in one form). There is something very poetic about something you visually cannot grab hold of but you feel it soaking through and being absorbed deep within. Music/ Sound has that very power.


the beginning of the endIdeas circulate and yearn to be drawn out
And yet I sit still in front of
all the blank
begging to be filled in
Trying to stop time
My body both electric and chilled
Challenging are these beginnings
Impatient, they ask for their endings
But endings smash the illusion
Of the adventure
And all the magic it took
The journey
A blink
The more I think
Fear of endings
Fear to begin
Perhaps that is silly
Even in stillness
Time listens to no one
the infinite blankness
is still filling in
The beginning has ended
And the journey begins


silenceOne day as the world squashed itself in
I shouted “Silence”
and finally walls began to thin
A great expanse around me
No need to hold myself in
I was indeed surrounded by silence
I could feel the silence grow within
But in the silence
my ears searched for a sound
Some proof of life
that I was safe and still physically around
silence (2)The silence was too much
Its quiet too immense
It held me too close
I felt a need to resist
It didn’t seem real
I didn’t seem to exist
My mind in the silence
Thoughts anxiously humming
Its phantom droning vibrato
Alerting me to keep moving
For the seemingly peaceful silence
Is not always soothing
silence (3)So I shouted out “Hello”
hoping to receive an answer back
“I am here” echoed a reply
I cannot argue with that fact
So I pinched and prodded
allowing circulation to push through
With each breath a loud celebration
chanting “I will continue”
For to truly appreciate the silence
I must not let my voice surrender to it too