A Rebirth of Sorts

“A breeze comes by and the ashes lift and that is when the journey begins.”

Life is about the ashes. We create these fires all over wild and exciting. This chemical reaction takes place. We are warmed and in awe. Things can go on. The fire slows, dies down and then burns out. Left behind is carbon and ash, maybe some embers. A breeze comes by and the ashes lift and that is when the journey begins.

Maybe it’s a little backwards but it’s these in between the line bits that I feel inspired to work with. When one is able to totally reimagine what seems worn and done like an Alchemist the magic making truly begins.

This blog has been floating in the digital ether for some time. I was in a different life then. Perhaps a little different from the person I am today. Though we certainly have in common this sense of jumping off some great springboard and not really sure we enjoy the feeling. But that is life, springboards and splashes.

Our bodies are constantly regenerating through the years. We are constantly being rebuilt, are brand new, reborn. Recycled matter, ashes floating throughout the air and when the breeze beckons we are taken up and away to some place new.

There is growth and more questions…

Name thyself and to thyself be true…

More in more as time ticks on by unrelenting and unforgiving more metaphors take root. It is the only way I can make sense of what is going on around me and within me. I have traded concrete jungles for a more tropical one. I have dropped through time in an older world with seemingly older views. It is different and familiar at the same time. My concrete home was so much of who I am. The concrete material of the city dances within my veins. So much concrete humming with life and story… but chink, chink, chink what else? A tropical brass ring made its presence known before me and without much thought I grabbed on and pulled. The fire burnt out and the ashes blew…flying over land and sea onto this tropical isle. The isles of Hawaii.