Heart beating within the chest
My eyes lay down to rest upon
Sunken skin and the collarbone of your neck
I think perhaps your pockets are deep enough
To hold onto a thousand years
Or maybe childhood fears and buckets of my tears
To weigh you down so you will not fly away

But I cannot unload myself that way

I cut out pieces of my heart
Attach them carefully around your bones
And pray for a gentle breeze
So maybe the hollow empty sound
May fill with chimes and bell rings

…putting us all at ease



taffypulsating enlightenment
stretch me like taffy
so i may not break
endless sweetness
stretching out into the unknown
blissfully limitless

Music On My Mind 6/21/15: Honoring My Father (Horace, Miles, Shaw, Harper, & Coltrane)

My Dad back in the day
My Dad back in the day

Time to get a little sentimental. Songs on my mind this go round are five songs in honor of my Dad for Father’s day.

Music is a big thing within my family and musicians are represented, one being my father. My father lives and breathes music. Jazz is his gospel, the tenor sax is his sword, though he can touch any instrument and make it sing to the heavens! You cross paths with him and you will come away touched by his song. My love of music was certainly influenced by both of my parents but Jazz was bestowed on me by my father.

song for my father album art
Horace Silver ~ Song For My Father (Click to listen via YouTube)

Horace Silver- Song For My Father

I was “formally” introduced to Horace Silver when my he bought me a remastered copy of “Blowing the Blues Away”  in my teens. I was hooked to his “soul jazz” style perfect for uplifting or pacifying any mood!  (It remains one of my favorite albums to date.) “Song For My Father” was the next Horace Silver album I added to my collection. The titled song needs no introduction.

sketches of spain
Miles Davis ~ Concierto de Aranjuez (adagio) Click to listen via YouTube

Miles Davis- Concierto De Aranjuez (Adagio)
from Sketches of Spain

When I was adding to my personal jazz collection aside from Miles Davis’s “Kind of Blue” (classic!) my father had me get this one as well.  I remember first putting the CD on and my father and I listened lost within our own worlds. After this song which opens the album, we looked at each other with tears in our eyes. That snapshot stays with me forever! (pure joy!)

Woody Shaw ~ Love Dance (Live) Click to listen via YouTube
Woody Shaw ~ Love Dance (Live) Click to listen via YouTube

Woody Shaw-Love Dance

My Uncle (also a musician) sent him a copy of Woody Shaw Live via cassette to play in the car. My father and I made several trips between New York and PA for a couple of years when we slowly relocated our lives from New York. We listened to a variety of music in the car during the 2 hour trip. This song in particular was one of his favorites.

Billy Harper Capra Black
Billy Harper ~ Sir Galahad (Click to listen via YouTube)

Billy Harper- Sir Galahad

My father’s cassette copy of Capra Black  “joined” my collection for my Walkman listening pleasure when I was little. I enjoyed listening to Harper when reading my comic books (talk about a cool soundtrack!) I can vividly remember listening to it while reading in particular these two hard bound collections of Prince Valiant. My Prince Valiant soundtrack also included Marvin Gaye’s, “What’s Going On” and the Spinner’s Greatest Hits. (what can I say? I seriously was a peculiar child! )
The whole album is goose bumps overload. This song in particular always had me thinking of my Dad.

John Coltrane-Crescent (Click to listen via YouTube)
John Coltrane-Crescent (Click to listen via YouTube)

John Coltrane-Crescent

Coltrane is my father’s favorite. So this list wouldn’t be complete without including the great Coltrane! It is hard to even pick a particular song for there are so many I could choose. This album includes two of my favorite Coltrane songs, Crescent and Wise One. They always have me thinking of home, this song in particular echoes within the family walls.

Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy! 🙂
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Before You Go

before you goLet me drink you in
before I am thirsty
Let me hold you close
before I am loved
These moments are drifting
The sands soon will be gone

Trees will return
and sweet clear waters
Just like you showed me
When I was very young
Let me mourn you before you go
So I may run joyfully into the sun for us both
Your lyrics through my mind
Your music in my heart

My Thoughts, My Children

My thoughts scamper from my head
into the waters below
Dancing like fish
Flying through the waves, never sinking
My priceless treasures
Made for me

Reaching into the water
They skip around my hands
Slippery little things!
Do they ever sleep?
I withdraw my hands
and I let them be
They move slowly
blinking back at me
I look through them
Maybe one day I will make sense
Maybe I should go collect some fishing line and attach pieces of my flesh
So they remember, come ’round, and return home

I will embrace them
I will hold them close
I will whisper words of love and encouragement
So they never want to go….

The Woman

This woman staring at me
Concern on her face
“Why the worry?”
No response
Her face kindness
Cobwebs and tears around her eyes.
I thought to offer my tissue
She shook her head
Politely declined

Eyes to eyes

many moments more
I shyly smiled as did she
I nodded in greeting as did she
I looked around me as did she
I looked back I realize I was looking at me
So I grabbed my tissue
cobwebs and tears were no more

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