rain 2refracted
jewels in the light
fragrant in the mind
crystal clear and soothing
floating outside of space and time
calmly falling onto the earth
delightfully spreading
life’s great nectar
our existence


Be Still

be stillEarthly Chaos
doesn’t matter
In this moment
My world is silent
Flourescent orb above
Returning to life
Strength and courage
Joy personified

Inner workings
while I am sitting still
peaceful and quiet
today is patient and kind
within its embrace
a lingering kiss
a warm caress
across my skin
into my heart


wombSkin lit
Earthy gold
Worldly whispers
Within my soul
Close my eyes for a deeper look
Infinite leaves cradle my peaceful nook
Kaleidoscope world green to blood-red
beginning’s great wonder
let me start again

Music On My Mind 7/26/15 (Laura Mvula, Joss Stone, & My Baby)

I’ve been feeling way overdue in some music sharing. Music is an integral part of my world. Music on my mind this go round is reflective of the introspective warrior woman I’ve been feeling like these days. Some of the toughest battles are within ones head. (for me anyway…why?) But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Laura Mvula~ She (from Sing to the Moon)

This song has revisited my playlist recently. It is a little bittersweet (equal parts blue and hopeful) which seems to be the formula of my mental cocktail these days. The moral of the story…”She don’t stop!” the survival chant for anyone walking the earth especially in these changing times.


My Baby ~ Seeing Red (Click to listen via YouTube)

My Baby ~ Seeing Red (from Shamanaid)

What more can I say, except sometimes a peaceful warrior gotta get her knuckles a little bloody….


Joss Stone ~ The Answer (click to listen via YouTube)

Joss Stone~The Answer (from Water For Your Soul)

Not only does this song make me want to dance but the message is an uplifting one. All these worries clouding the mind and at the end of the day “you gotta let go….” that’s when you see the answers

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Blank Slate

blank slate
“Within the blank slate there is this freedom oozing with the stuff of dreams, endless possibilities customized to suit your own specific needs.”

In my jet lag fogged mind I try to link into the normalcy of this time. The urgency to be calm is necessary when the opportunity of a completely blank slate makes its presence known. Within the blank slate there is this freedom oozing with the stuff of dreams, endless possibilities customized to suit your own specific needs. It is a great gift and should be dealt with the uttermost respect. And yet there seems to be this nagging urgency that eats away before you can truly focus on the joyful vastness of the space before you. It must be gobbled up for fear of others trying to get a piece of it.

I grew up as a jogger. My mother one day had a desire to run and so she awoke early one morning to do so. My father joined her which meant that I, who was too little to be left to my own devices, jogged along with them.
They both had their own individual pace and ran their own individual race. My mother always moved steadily ahead and my father brought up the rear. I was an uninhibited ball of energy bouncing back and force between them.
My mother would tell me it didn’t matter how fast you ran but how you endured for that would see you through to the very end. No matter what race you may join it is always your own race that is run.

In my experience the blank slate has made its presence known a few times. Rather than taking a breath so that I may enjoy it at my own leisure I cannot help but feel rushed and pressured to filling it quickly to pacify and satisfy unseen constraints which greedily vocalize demands of the aspects of material and physical survival. Those are seemingly easy to uphold. Just connect the dots, plug yourself in, choose a lane, flow along with traffic, tra la la la and all that. But then there are these nagging strings and they start to get caught on heart and thoughts and the inner workings of self. There is this heavy emptiness echoing within…I forgot something really important. I didn’t listen and truly follow my heart. Anger, disappointment, emptiness are the spinning tires, crash and burn, bruised and broken, parts tumble onto the floor and there is no choice but to shake myself of these constraints that just are not working and start all over. (Argh! Seriously?) Do I even have it within me? (I’m still breathing, so yes!)

Lessons learnt, promises to do things differently (right?). Back to the blank slate. The blank slate looms before me and there is the feeling of equal parts excitement and dread. I’ve been here before, sort of. Do I have time to take in the gift of all this seemingly empty space to fill before fear and desperation sets in?

"It seems that this is the stuff of life; a series of blank slates, to be dealt with as we see fit. "
“It seems that this is the stuff of life; a series of blank slates, to be dealt with as we see fit. “

It seems that this is the stuff of life: a series of blank slates, to be dealt with as we see fit. We are the artists of our life preparing for a grand show that encompasses all of who we really are. That should be met with joy and appreciation rather than fear and dread. Some pieces are going to be stronger than others, all are a necessary part to the whole of the story. Several panels are required and there is a point when one is completed and it is time to move on to the next one. There is peace in that thinking. Even with time nipping at my heels this is my own race to run and my own series of blank slates to fill however I wish. The only obstacle is me.

Children of Survival

Children of survival are we.
Lullaby of thought of an outdated society
The wilderness is gentle but the mind roars ferociously
Starved for flesh
Laying on feather beds screaming with pain
Fear rears its unrelenting head
Asking for some insight to soothe the uncertainty
the meaning of life and what it is to be truly free
Angrily we reply don’t bother me, I don’t have the time
Plug this hole here and this stitch in time saves nine
While the heart breaks under Times weathered and worn-down shoes
How can we ever truly survive using such outdated rules?