Soda Pop Sunset Reverie

soda (2)

My eyes drinking in these final Summer skies
Leaves awash in golden bubbles
Tropical Champagne Cola lullabies
My heart leaps
but my eyes sting
Life is Bittersweet
Autumn around the corner
Another year will soon be complete

Shadows begin to grow longer
My thoughts they wander farther
and I begin to reminisce
about seemingly simpler times
to when I was younger
A crisp apple dollar
bought me a bottle of bubbly soda
in a bright psychedelic color
of late Summer sunset skies

Its fantastical taste on the tongue
a fragrant Polaroid locked in space and time
To which these sunsets mirror
Within these magical moments
Childhood lives on forever abstract

Within My Two Hands

Within my two handshands final
Hold in the power
That would make the Earth Shatter
Push them into the dirt
Get to the root of the matter
Where all foundations are built
And life and death are gathered
Grab hold the seeds
Allow for them to scatter
Embracing possibilities
Then releasing them to wander

Within my two hands
Trying to hold tight
All things that allow life’s cycle
To move from day into night
But no matter the strength of my hold
The weight is too much to grasp
I cannot go about this on my own
Buckle and fold

Within my two hands
Potential growth
Mental reminders
Hold on
And let go
Peaceful surrender
My palms exposed
Allow for others to grab hold

Music On My Mind 9/13/15: Andra Day, Gary Clark Jr, & B.O.B.

This “Music On My Mind” installment includes some of the songs that have been uplifting for me lately.


folderAndra Day~ “Rise Up” & “Not Today” (from Cheers to the Fall)

Retro Soul always strikes a chord within my heart. This whole album is luscious! These two songs especially have stuck with me. “Rise Up” is that essential song to listen to when you have reached bottom and are bone and mind weary. “Not Today” I had to also include not only for its Dreamgirls/James Bond dramatic vibe, but its reminder that lots of problems and issues, love or otherwise can always be dealt with tomorrow (many times we agonize over issues that will resolve in due time).


folderGary Clark Jr.~ “Star” (from The Story of Sonny Boy Slim)

Simple: Just remember anywhere you go just know that you’re a star and I want you to shine! (Be sure to sing along and spread the good cheer!)


folderB.O.B.~”Violet Vibrato” (from Psycadelik Thoughtz)

This song is definitely for the dreamer who looks at the sky and wonders what is life all about. Deep Thoughts but with a lightness of heart and a violet vibrato!

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DSC00506 (2)Radiant
That is I
I need no mountain to stand on
Or be the sun in the sky
I am a force to be reckoned with
I am a stream gently strolling by
I stand firm but not rooted
My spirit flies freely between you and I

Though my mind may play tricks on meDSC00507 (2)
My heart is free
Pulsating life infinitely
As long as I have breath
And even in death
I will always shine
That I can never deny
For always I am I