silenceOne day as the world squashed itself in
I shouted “Silence”
and finally walls began to thin
A great expanse around me
No need to hold myself in
I was indeed surrounded by silence
I could feel the silence grow within
But in the silence
my ears searched for a sound
Some proof of life
that I was safe and still physically around
silence (2)The silence was too much
Its quiet too immense
It held me too close
I felt a need to resist
It didn’t seem real
I didn’t seem to exist
My mind in the silence
Thoughts anxiously humming
Its phantom droning vibrato
Alerting me to keep moving
For the seemingly peaceful silence
Is not always soothing
silence (3)So I shouted out “Hello”
hoping to receive an answer back
“I am here” echoed a reply
I cannot argue with that fact
So I pinched and prodded
allowing circulation to push through
With each breath a loud celebration
chanting “I will continue”
For to truly appreciate the silence
I must not let my voice surrender to it too