Music On My Mind 10/18/15: GAPS & Prefuse 73

Around this time of year, for me the evening sky seems to open up and stars beckon and twinkle and I feel my inner space child drifting along for the ride. It may be easy feeling a little small and alone in the world but with so much room for possibility, how can one not shine forth?

folderGAPS-She Bears a Flower (from: In, Around The Moments)

Hauntingly beautiful and kind of sad, this song is a bit like a nursery rhyme or a lullaby. How is it even in between the melancholy bits one can find traces of optimism? Seems to be how my mind works. This girl being spoke of in this song, whoever she is still bears the flower and that in of itself is beautiful. (Plus the video is gorgeous!)

folderPrefuse 73-Infrared feat. Sam Dew (from: Rivington Nao Rio)

Infrared light cannot be seen with the naked eye (unless you use special tools) and yet is felt everyday (as heat, thanks to the sun in one form). There is something very poetic about something you visually cannot grab hold of but you feel it soaking through and being absorbed deep within. Music/ Sound has that very power.


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