drift (3)



I died today
Left everything behind
Idle objects
Thoughts on time
Walls thinned
A Ghosting of
my reality veil
blowing away with the wind
Ignored dreams
shout out intriguing tales
Truth steps forth from its disguise
without fear of being ostracized
Wide awake drifting away on their lullabies
I sail out
I have never felt so alive!



ringsIf I were to cut my bone
Would I be able to read it like a tree
Each line a story
A mark of my history?
I stood tall and firm
Striving to be a selfless canopy
My eyes wide open
What will be is what will be
I kept my feet planted
On solid ground
An amazing feat in of itself
For I constantly moved around
Life is a blink
Compared to that of a tree
Rings upon rings
exist full and fruitful
Interwoven solidity


WP_20151104_003 (2)The dust has settled
No time to lay and decay
The sun still rises moving overhead
Each night brings about the birth of a new day
I’ve dried my eyes
At the passing of my yesterday
Forever is unattainable
Time bends and moves onward
claiming new names
Making their own way
Life continually evolves
My solid body will eventually dissolve
These Earthly constructs will fade away