ashes 2 (2)

The weight of a moment
An essence of man
Surreal, the symbol
Now held within the palm of my hand
Life is fragile and precious
Cannot keep track of all its grains
They slip through fingers
Whisper through my veins

One minute you were here
My mind always saw you there
My eyes say you’re gone
But my heart sees you everywhere

Ashes released into the elements
Flecks of bone blow into my hair
Bittersweet the celebration
Your confetti is now everywhere


Never Lost

In Memory (for my father)….. WP_20151206_026

As reality wipes away your physical face
Memories flash
Burning snapshots
Reinforced grooves of you
Have permanently left their trace
And your melody
Echoes within time and space
My heart will always find you
But you were never lost in the first place